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What it means to be a pro Australian shoe designer

What it means to be a pro Australian shoe designer

What does it mean to be a professional Australian shoe designer? Good question indeed! first of all, the word designer frequently used loosely in the fashion industry! and absolutely so by a number of companies mass-producing shoes that follow the fashion masters.

We do it creatively. S0, how you’d demand a true designer shoe to be designed for you! furthermore, At Vein, every new design crafted uniquely, first as conceptual, and then went and re-worked into last designs with graphite on papers, by head Vein artist, Christopher McCallum. Alongside this model, the shoe meticulously crafted completely by pro hand.

Australian shoe designer

All the new designs later put into the making level! produced to life for our intelligent clientele using the most elegant leathers, hand selected for their uniqueness plus top quality, from famous worldwide and Australian tanneries.

When you investigate our popular Vein shoes, you’ll immediately see they personify qualities others only seek to. Schemes and quality motivated by the great clothing fashion lines; by timeless design and the personalities, beautiful locations, and interesting lifestyles, we endure around the world.

Australian Fashion Design Award

As you can reasonably tell, we breathe, fantasize, imagine and breathe male footwear. This passionate feeling has made Vein the leading Australian men designer footwear brand. In 2005, Vein the exclusively men’s footwear brand invited during Mercedes Australian fashion week. Also, Trailblazing clothing designs like Dick & Harry, Leopold, Tom, Red Cordial, NYOU and Australian Fashion Design awards winner always habit, prefer to complement their names with Vein on the runway. At the first of the year 2006 at the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, Vein was the catwalk shoe of preference for Kenzo, Morrisey, and Leopold.

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