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Understand Your Dog Desires By Watching & Training

Understand Your Dog Desires By Watching & Training

Understand Your Dog Desires: We all know this situation when an adorable little puppy is left alone. Everything goes from new pumps to cushions. Even the adult dog can be caught in such a fit of madness. But why so many dogs like to nibble? This habit could get the new dog clothes that you buy for the wintertime dirty, especially when you want your dog to try on them but you leave it alone for selecting other clothes or doing other activities so be careful!

They nibble to discover their environment – An Answer!

dog nibble

The dog is by nature an adventurer who constantly explores his environment. For this, he uses his truffle, his ears, and his eyes. But to apprehend an object in a tactile way, its main tool is its mouth.

From an early age, nibbling the objects that exist around is a natural gesture. When the puppy is teething, he calms his aching jaws while chewing. It can last until the age of one year.

In adult dogs, this activity also has a soothing effect. This is why objects that are within reach are particularly compromised. Especially when the dog is anxious, worried, or suffering from separation.

In older dogs, the main reason behind their nibbling is boredom, or they seek to explore their environment too. Maybe they just want to know the taste of the last pair of shoes of their mistress.

Avoid injuries of all kinds – Important Tip!

dog injuries

The easiest way to protect your dog from hurting itself is to put away all the harmful objects. If necessary, keep anti-bite products only around. Finally, to fulfill his need for nibbling, think of giving your dog enough fascinating objects so that it can chew them whenever it wants.

How to amuse your dog?

dog amusement

Your dog must be trained, but he also needs to do activities that require physical and mental skills, there are countless options. Here are some exercise ideas to entertain your dog.

Remember: the sport that fits your dog depends on his age, race, and physical condition. If you have any doubts, we advise you to take your dog to the vet beforehand so that he can check his abilities.

Agility Training

Agility training consists of getting your dog to make an obstacle course as quickly and accurately as possible. A course can have up to 20 obstacles, such as slaloms, tunnels, rockers, and hedges. These exercises are particularly interesting and help to improve the physical condition of your dog, but also of its owner!


This activity consists of looking for artistic choreographies, natural gestures, and indications of obedience. These exercises work for many varieties of dogs, which makes this activity, fits all dogs, even the oldest.


The training consists largely of obedience exercises, such as “Sitting”, “Not moving”, “lying down”, “Walking”, “bringing back”, “Going for”… appropriate for any type of dog.

Man trailing

This activity consists of tracking a person (or another dog). It is a complex, physical, and mental form of training used for rescue exercises that can also be used as therapy for more fragile dogs.


Frisbee is an activity from the United States that is very popular around the world. One of the reasons for this rage is its diversity of use. For long-distance Frisbee, the disc is thrown as far as possible. For short-distance Frisbee, it could be thrown multiple times, for a limited time. The role of the dog is to catch the Frisbee. For freestyle, the master creates a specific program for the dog by combining various throwing techniques and tricks.


Give it all you have got! But do not forget that your dog also needs some time to rest. It is sometimes necessary to force them to take a break: puppies and young dogs of powerful breeds (boxer type dogs) can get too exhausted when they exercise or play sports. Finally, to understand your dog desires you have to make sure your dog takes breaks regularly.

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