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Heli-skiing Sports – Helpful Guide to Shop for The Adventure

Experiencing Extreme Cold On The Heli-skiing Sports-helpful Guide To Shop For The Adventure

Heli-skiing Sports – helpful Guide to Shop for The Adventure: In recent times, heli-skiing has gained immense popularity among skiers as a more adventurous variant of skiing. Whether you are a professional headed for a heliskiing island or a newbie skier, you need to invest in proper ski gear and equipment to improve your performance and avoid any slip or fall injuries. You also need to adopt proper techniques to reduce heavy breathing or dizziness.

Heli-skiing Sports Guide

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to buy for your next heli-ski trip.

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Water-resistant Clothing

Investing in waterproof clothing is essential for both seasoned and new skiers. You need to protect yourself from excessive snow, rain, and other extreme weather conditions. Although comfort is really important for skiers in order to perform well. However, in an adventurous sport such as heli-skiing, regular hoodies or track pants won’t work. Therefore, you need to invest in some high-quality waterproof jackets, pants, gloves, etc. 

Make sure that your fabric is 100% water-resistant and durable. If you are shopping online, then go for such brands that have good customer reviews and ratings. A piece of waterproof fabric is usually measured in millimeters. Ideally, a fabric that is of 20k or more is considered as a good water-resistant fabric.

Face protection

Heli-skiing Sports Guide - Face protection

Many people skip shopping for a good face protector. When you are going on the heli-skiing trip, your face and neck need to be protected from cold and wind as it can be just as harmful as excessive heat and sunlight are for your face. Many people try to use a high neck sweater to protect their neck from the wind. If the weather is too cold, you might even get a windburn, making your skin dry and flaky. Try to invest in a good face protector to keep your face safe from wind and snow during your heli-ski trip.

Safety Goggles

Ski goggles can be quite expensive. Therefore, it is recommended to invest in some good quality ski goggles. While buying goggles for heli-skiing, you need to make sure that you select the right type of lens. Many goggles in the market come with detachable lenses. This gives you the option to switch between multiple lenses during your trip. Safety goggles tend to fog up in cold weather even if they are of high quality. Therefore, try to bring an extra pair of goggles in case the lens of your original goggles becomes blurred and foggy.

POV or GoPro Camera

In today’s digital age, the camera has become more of a necessity than a luxury. People are always on a lookout for new gadgets and cameras to capture each and every moment of their trip. If you are going for an adventurous trip such as heli-skiing,  then a POV camera such as GoPro is probably the best camera for vlogging or recording your trip. GoPro cameras are waterproof and therefore, are ideal for such trips. GoPro cameras usually come with various straps that can help users to shoot from different angles and positions. 

Heli-skiing Sports Helmet

Heli-skiing Sports Guide - Ski Helmet

Investing in a good quality ski helmet has a lot of benefits.  A ski helmet with an attachable goggle option is great to prevent them from blurring and fogging up. Some helmets come with different airflow systems to prevent the accumulation of excessive heat and moisture.  Instead of a beanie or a cap, wearing a helmet is a more practical option to keep you warm against the excessive cold. Ski helmets also come with air vents to help get rid of excessive heat in case the weather gets warmer. The most important benefit of a ski helmet is that it provides protection head injuries. Wearing a helmet gives you the assurance that you are safe and can enjoy your ski trip without any fear of slipping or falling from the snow.

Heli-skiing Sports Bag

For an adventurous sport such as heli-skiing, you need to keep a lot of extra ski gear and equipment. Therefore, choosing the right kind of bag for your ski gear is extremely important. Although most of the ski gear is provided by tour operators and you can also rent it from your ski lodge, however, it is still recommended to bring your own gear, especially if you are more comfortable skiing in your own gear instead of using rental ones.

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