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5 Ways to Stay Fashion Forward This 2019

Ways to Stay Fashion Forward This 2019

Discover the best ways to Stay Fashion Forward This 2019, they say change is the only constant thing. In fashion, this is very much true. With every turn of the season, comes a change in trends. So far, forecasts for 2019 included wrap dresses, robe coats, square-toed shoes, feathery accessories, snake prints, bold and bright shades of textile, fashion pieces from Balenciaga, the list goes on!

Ways to Stay Fashion Forward This 2019

The problem with trends, however, is that they tend to come and go quickly.
If you want to stay fashion forward this 2019, read on below.

Be Inspired

Look through fashion magazines, go to the malls, or go to high-end fashion boutiques. Check out what celebrities are wearing. Look up the latest fashion collection from well-known designers. Have an idea of what’s in and see what style works best for your body and personality.

Incorporate a seasonal color palette to your wardrobe

While certain up-to-date fabrics or cut of clothing may not suit you, it’s always easier to look trendy using clothes with colors that are currently in fashion.

Mix and Match

When you are out shopping, it is a good idea to invest in classic pieces from high-end retailers and buy your trendy seasonal shopping at a lower price. Mixing and matching are not only fun, but it can also cut your look above the rest as there’s more room for creativity than merely following a trendy outfit to a T.


Some people may not be big on accessories, but sometimes an accessory alone can make the statement to your outfit.

Wear it with confidence

Nothing can be more stylish than someone who is comfortable and happy in her clothes. Remember, wearing something fashionable doesn’t automatically make you fashion forward. Bottom line is, if the ultramodern style you have on does not fit your body shape, makes you feel ugly and think that you look ridiculous – ditch it.

Whether your approach to clothing is pragmatic or artistic, avoid joining the bandwagon. Don’t be dictated to dress a particular way. Dare to create that perfect OOTD according to your taste – now that’s fashion forward!

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